Supply chain

Supply Chain

As part of their procurement strategy, EDF has partnered with the Somerset Chamber of Commerce to manage the supply chain, with a strong focus on engaging with local, reputable and reliable companies.

With over £500 million worth of contracts available for the services needed, the Tier 1 suppliers within the supply chain (who include KierBAM, Costain,Bylor) will sub-contract works packages to Tier 2 and 3 suppliers.

EDF have explicitly stated their desire for creating a positive legacy for the project by equipping local businesses to compete for works, with a view to ensuring this project benefits local people and local economy.

About Abatec

2018 will see Abatec celebrating its 30th anniversary based in Somerset, just 10 miles from Hinkley Point. We know the area, the landscape and of course, the people.

As  a well-known local business, we can boast strong existing relationships with many of the key suppliers on the HPC site (KierBAM, Costain), this, teamed with a strong focus on exceptional services to both candidates and clients alike, good recruitment ethics and a positive “family” culture, means we are well-versed to supply such a large and complex project.